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Pinwheel Pattern


Squedge Block Assortment (11.25, 15, 18, and 30)


Perfect 7 Bargello


Perfectly Geared Pattern


A Ten Degree Free Pattern--the one that used to be on the backing card


Split Ten Sunrise


Holiday Hexagon Runner


Millefiori Runner


Tea for Two plus Inspiration!


Two Hexie Patterns plus Inspiration!


Squedge 22.5 Sampler - FREE


Free: 12 Degree Patterns


Spinnin' Around Squedge 30


Heads or Tails Runner Pattern


An Easy Candle Mat


Squedge 22.5 Tutorial


Jewel Box Free Patterns


Mixed Squedge 15 and 30 Runner


American Beauty


February Table Topper


Diamond Placemat


Diamond Runner


Gem 5 & 10 Topper


Gem Flower


Jewel Box Placemat


Squedge 30 Bag Pattern


Simple Bands Bed Runner


Mug Rug Handout


Christmas Surprise Pattern


A Merry Christmas Banner


June Squedge 15 Striped Stars


Attic Window: Thanks Banner


Attic Window: Ornament


Plump Little Pumpkin Pattern


Attic Window: BooBag


Bahama Mama Beach Bag


Squedge 30 Stars-n-Stripes


Mini Ten Spinner


Resolution Runner -- A Squedge Project


Simple Coins Pattern


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